About this Blog

I have been a practicing licensed psychotherapist since 1989. For 10 years, I was director of consultant to inpatient/residential/and outpatient treatment programs specifically designed to treat eating disorders. I was an instructor for five years at Pepperdine University Graduate School of Psychology, facilitating master level courses on counseling theory, counseling techniques, substance abuse, eating disorders diagnosis and treatment, and treatment of sexual trauma.

Since 2008, I have been transitioning as a professional from a talk therapist to a Brainwave Optimization technologist.  Although I still do some talk therapy, I predominantly facilitate brainwave optimization sessions in our practice setting.  

Other practitioners in our practice conduct counseling and psychotherapy, and I still refer clients to psychiatrists and primary care physicians for medication consultations and management.  In other words, I am not against traditional treatment options.  In fact, I believe they are, at times, required.  However, I do believe that Brainwave Optimization offers a unique alternative to treatment, that may dramatically assist individuals in their daily lives.

This blog is, in part, intended to inform individuals about Brainwave Optimization.  It is also my goal to create a dialogue about our current attitudes and beliefs about mental health struggles, and, hopefully, change the paradigm to de-stigmatize and de-mystify those struggles.

I make no apologies about the fact that I am in the Brainwave Optimization business and that this blog is intended, in part, to attract more individuals to the process.  I believe in the process and its ability to change people’s lives.  I have witnessed its effect on over 200 individuals that have entrusted me with their brain health.  Not everyone has benefitted, but the vast majority have and continue to do so.  

 My son sitting through a BRAINtellect 2 session to prepare for a basketball tournament.

My son sitting through a BRAINtellect 2 session to prepare for a basketball tournament.

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