Are You Stuck?

Our specialty is the stuck client. We have created unique programs that enable clients to move from a state of inertia to a state of growth. We want to help you find a pathway to realizing your potential and achieving balance and harmony in your life. 


Modern problems require modern solutions. We believe that the evidence is clear; modern life is causing most of our mental health problems by bombarding us with stress that we are far too primitive to handle. We view mental health problems as signs of imbalances that inhibit a clear path to growth, balance, and harmony. While working on development of insight and mindfulness skills to assist in the management of our experience, we also offer an advanced technology non-treatment option that balances and relaxes the underlying energy that drives uncomfortable emotions and problem behaviors. 

Improve Sleep. Reduce Stress. Sharpen Focus.*

In Lawrence, KS, over 350 individuals have experienced the amazing benefits of CERESET BrainEcho™ technology.

And now, thanks to CERESET Home, you can enjoy these benefits in the comfort of your home!

CERESET BrainEcho™ technology NOW LOCATED AT: 5040 Bob Billings Pkwy, Ste A1

Meet Ed & Jena

We have been offering counseling services in Lawrence Kansas in 2001. We have extensive quality experience working with individuals struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Trauma, Attention Problems, and more. With the addition of CERESET BrainEcho™ technology to our practice we now offer perhaps the most unique and comprehensive outpatient service available in Kansas. Our clients come from many other states to work with us.